These solar systems were intended to be deployed in the rugged areas near Tuscon's border.

Mountain Top Power for Border Security
Product: ETI0021-6001A1 Solar Charging System

The US  Customs & Border Protection Department  was looking to deploy rigid solar panels to monitoring stations in remote mountainous areas as part of its SBInet program.  The intended supplier of these rigid solar panels was unable to ship out their components in the time frame that the Border Patrol required.

As an interim solution, the Border Patrol considered using ETI’s TacticalSolar® line, until their rigid panel vendor was able to meet their demand.

ETI was able to offer a better solution than the rigid panels with its ETI0021-6001 series lightweight solar solutions and power management equipment.  ETI custom engineered the 21-6001 series to meet the specific power requirements of the Border Department’s remote sites. Ranging from 385, 550, or 750 Watts, these products provide up to 12 hours of battery backup.  

Because these panels were intended to be deployed in remote mountainous areas, a helicopter would have been required to deliver the heavy rigid solar panels.  This would have been made even more difficult because wind shear in mountainous areas makes operation of helicopters dangerous.

ETI was able to solve this problem too.  Our solar panel solutions are lightweight and can fold up into backpacks, briefcases or suitcases.  As a result, instead of using a helicopter to air lift heavy panels in dangerous conditions, the Border Patrol was able to send backpackers into these remote regions to more easily deploy the system.

As a result, the border Patrol was able to rely on TacticalSolar® to meet it’s needs.
Solar Charger full configuration
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